Get rid of problematic skin at the time of pre- and post-pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best time for any woman on earth. But some women face some problems with their skin like blackheads, congestion, flaky and rough skin, with breakouts and all. You should definitely do something concrete to avoid the situation or better your skin condition. But the problem is while you are pregnant there are some basic guidelines you should follow. You must maintain some dos and don’ts along with special care for your health. So, make sure your skin treatment is not affecting your health anyway.


Oily skin and acne are some common problems for women since their teenage. But while they are pregnant, the number of hormones starts working and reacting differently causing more skin damages at that very moment. These need to be addressed, but you have to remember the treatment must not hamper the condition. On the other hand, after the delivery as a mother, you are supposed to breastfeed your child. Hormones in your body continue to work the way they are supposed to. You can control them with proper treatment and care but that should not affect your child as he/she will be feeding on you directly. You have to be very cautious about these facts.

Extra considerations

As you need to be extra careful from the very first day when you get to know that you are pregnant and a new life is growing inside you. The precautions remain after the delivery too, because the child needs more care now. You have to be fit and healthy to take care of the child too. Several skincare clinics have come up in recent times to take care of the skin of pregnant and breastfeeding women especially. So, their misery can be minimized.

As your skin remains more in a sensitive stage at this point in time, you should take less stress and continue to protect your skin with adequate sunscreen, and wear protective clothing whenever you are out in the sun. If and when possible, gentle exercise must be done to enhance the condition of skin and health as a whole. Remember to keep your skin dry and cool. Wear breathable dress fabrics so that the skin can avoid itching and rashes due to sweat.

Things to remember

You must study well before using any skin products or undergoing any skin treatments while you are pregnant. Like Vitamin A and retinol should be avoided. The later is an ingredient that changes your skin and its condition by speeding up the cell division, changing the cell functions as well as repairing the damaged cells. But don’t forget you are pregnant or breastfeeding your child. So, the question remains Can you use retinol while breastfeeding? The best advice is to not use any Vitamin A serums while pregnant or breastfeeding.

In the case of Vitamin A, the misconception persists among the physicians. Some prefer use of topical Vitamin A; some ask to avoid it. You should consult a physician and a skin treatment consultant before making a decision.

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